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You can use and access our site by reading and understanding our terms and conditions along with the privacy policies that should be agreed upon. If in case if you disagree with our terms and conditions, you are no longer eligible to use our services.

1. Revising of terms

Our terms and conditions may be revised or updated as and when required. So it is you responsibility to regularly check the terms and condition for updates. Furthermore, the information related to the latest updates can be checked at “Last Revised” in our website.

2. Privacy and policy

Please go through our privacy policies before using our site where you are welcome continue using our services only if you agree to our policies along with our terms and conditions.

3. Modification and termination

We have the right to modify the content of the website at any point of time depending on the requirements. In addition, we may even terminate the website for some period of time due to technical reasons and this information will not be updated to you.

4. Illegal uses of our services

Under no circumstances are you permitted to use any of our services in an unlawful or illegal way, in accordance with the laws of India. These uses include but are not limited to unauthorized access and/or changes to our website, use of services for criminal activity, intent of damaging our services, hacking etc.

5. Duration of our terms

If you are satisfied and have agreed with all our terms and conditions, you may continue to access our website.

6. Other website

Our website may contain links to other websites that may lead to advertisements and other related posts. The user can access such sites at his or her own risk and we are not responsible for any kind of issues caused by such external sites.

7. Contact us

If you have any further queries related to our terms feel free to contact us.

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