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Monthly metrics of VtubeU mobile video platform are indicators of it's performance. Advertise with us and let's grow together.



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Platform features

Realtime optimization using advanced algorithms

Today it's very important to place your message in the right environment and make sure it matches with brand's target audience.

Brand protection
VtubeU mobile platform will protect your brand safety

Improved the performance of server software provides our apps users with best experience, which results to better conversion rates.

We have a focus on Android apps, but work cross device

Android has about 88% market share. That's why focus on this mobile OS makes it possible to reach most of target audience.

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VtubeU platform conforms to the IAB VAST 3.0 standard

VAST 3.0 adds critical functionality that opens up the in-stream digital video advertising marketplace, reducing expensive technical barriers and encourages advertisers to increase video ad spend.

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Your video ads will be shown within these products

  • Kids Truth and Dare

    Kids Truth and Dare

    The most popular and fashionable game for parties, sleepovers and get together's

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  • Teen Truth and Dare

    Teen Truth and Dare

    Everyone who has played this teen truth and dare has hilarious stories to share

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  • mobile 3


    Incredibly simple and beautiful, but very useful FlashLight app

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Your success is our happiness...

  • We will always get the proper audience for your product. We provide rich media, 24/7 availability, optimization and so on.
  • We help you to reach the exact position where you need to be with our interactive advertisements.
  • We have also incorporated the search engine optimization which allows us to be among the top-ranked from all other search engines, eliminating pay-per-click budgets and so forth.
  • We know how to optimize our client's budget in order to provide them with better services.
  • We make use of modern technologies which enable you to advertise to the correct audience in order scale up your business.
  • We verify your advertisements periodically to protect you from hackers and fraud, all while safeguarding your business.
  • As well, we provide you with complete transparency regarding URL, Rates etc.
  • We guide you with an entirely creative way of advertising your product so that it reflects the unique attitude of your project.

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